Master Class DVD


The Ultimate Krav Maga Workshop
Self-defense, Fighting Skills, 3rd Party Protection, Tactics and Simulations.

2 hours of extensive, valuable and exclusive material.

  • Experience first-hand teaching by world class Master
  • Relive a rare and unique event
  • Understand the theory and philosophy of Krav Maga
  • Learn defenses against unarmed assault
  • Protect yourself and others against knife attacks and threats
  • Defend against sick and blunt objects
  • Deal with realistic situations on the ground
  • And much more

A must have for every Krav Maga, Martial Art and Fitness Instructor

  • Attract, lead and have a superb control over a large group
  • Improve the way you demonstrate and impress others
  • Use adequate humor while instructing skills that concern with life and death
  • Expand your teaching skills
  • Better your coaching talents


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